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Splenda and Thymus Gland
Aug. 10, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

I am on a mailing list for people who have quit using aspartame (also known as NutraSweet and Equal) and periodically I get some interesting information. I thought you might want to read this information on the effects of Splenda on the thymus gland. (You can also find information about this on the Internet.) This person also has some interesting things to say about aspartame.

I've attached the e-mail that was went to me.

When I think of all the diet products I've ingested over the last twenty years and what it was doing to my liver, my immune system and my thymus gland it makes me cringe. I'm glad I have quit using ALL artifical sweeteners.

Your fan,
K. W.

Subject: Re: [Aspartame Support] Question about Splenda/Say NO to ALL Artif Sweeteners

Yes...according to what we've seen in information the sugar is altered to make this artificial sweetener. When molecules are removed... some chlorine replaces them...which we've read is similar to the way DDT, a banned pesticide is made.

BEFORE Sucralose/Splenda was marketed here in the US...many European doctors reported Sucralose SHRINKING THE THYMUS GLAND in many of the patients who took in Sucralose. They did admit to recommending that their patients TRY the Sucralose once they realized the patients were having problems related to toxic Aspartame. They admitted that it was later...with symptoms seen (alike in many patients...those taking IN Sucralose)...that these doctors linked the Shruken Thymus Glands to intake of Sucralose.

OF COURSE doctors/researchers/scientists here in the US...IGNORED these
reports from European doctors who DISCOURAGED us from marketing Sucralose. These European doctors felt it was important that diabetics KNOW the dangers of Sucralose for SHRINKING the Thymus MOST of the problems with this was seen IN Diabetics.. the ones mostly advised to use the Sucralose (after stopping Aspartame).

I suppose you KNOW that Aspartame does WIPE OUT the immune system in many who take it IT DID TO MY diabetic MOM. She died in 1990. If you study the role the thymus gland plays IN the human will know that the THYMUS GLAND plays a very important role IN the Immune System. are TWO artificial which was found VERY DEADLY thru tests in the 60's..(results kept hidden for decades)...and the other...Sucralose...which was found IN EUROPE to SHRINK the THYMUS Gland...a reason it is now blamed for weaking the IMMUNE SYSTEM...just as has BEEN reported about Aspartame.

Of course we can't say anything good about Asulf K..also being linked to Cancer. Let's not forget Saccharin either.. which WAS found to cause bladder/liver cancer decades ago. Saccharin IS kin to makes many (as IN OUR FAMILY) we do WITH Aspirin. I (a cancer survivor since Dec. '82) VERY glad that I took my oncologist's advice..and STAYED away from ALL artificial sweeteners..once I realized that MY breast cancer was found after a little less than 2 years of taking in Aspartame. (MAMMARY, Ovarian, Uterine, Brain...and other HORRIBLE Malignancies which twisted the bodies of lab rats were just a FEW of the deadly reports from Aspartame tests in the 1960's.

It was THESE tumors..also Seizures in lab rats..AND Grand Mal Seizures and Sudden Death Syndrome (total heart block) in Infant Monkeys...which caused the VERY SCIENTISTS who FOUND Aspartame's deadliness to recommend that it NOT be allowed ON the market.

THEREFORE...Aspartame DID remain OFF the market from the '60's (except for a short "quiet" trial use in the 70's)...until 1981..when Pres. Reagan FIRED our then "honest" FDA replace him WITH the man who WOULD allow Aspartame ON the market (against the wishes of the scientists who FOUND Aspartame's deadliness).

President Reagan wanted this man who kept "listening"..and obeying the wishes OF the scientists.... to be removed from office.

Please note that Dr. H.J. Roberts wrote DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMER's ... (linking Aspartame and MSG to Alzheimer's)..and Dr. Russell Blaylock, Neurosurgeon..wrote EXCITOTOXINS: The Taste That Kills...focusing ON Neurotoxins collecting IN the Hypothalamus of the brain. Dr. Blaylock focuses ON these Neurotoxins Killing Neurons..and destroying the nervous system.

Please note also..that President Reagan HAS ALZHEIMER' many feel he was QUITE HAPPY once Aspartame WAS on the market... so he could take it in 24/7.. if he wished.

Please note too that a former employer of mine was a Neuro patient who went down noticeably once he was using Aspartame. His dog would NOT swallow Aspartame (smart dog) ... so he gave his dog Saccharin in his drinks ... as the dog always wanted to drink WHATEVER the man drank. For those who DOUBT that Saccharin contributes to Bladder Tumors (and want the warning removed from the packets).....I wish they could have seen that beautiful Chinese Chow dog...taking in Saccharin sweetened drinks every day...then developing a HUGE Malignant Bladder Tumor which KILLED the dog.

With all the jokes defensive people make about rather "small" RATS being the ones in tests mostly (except for monkeys too in the Aspartame tests) is clear that this big Chinese Chow dog...was large enough to be greatly affected by the ONE packet of Saccharin EVERY MORNING......developing the SAME type of tumor as the warning mentions on the Saccharin packets.

I use Pure Maple Syrup...Stevia (without Maltodextrin)...RAW Honey (ALL
Alkaline Ash Sweeteners).....also some Brown Sugar, Molasses...and SOME
sugar..which is usually along WITH Stevia...(so the GTF in the stevia will help normalize blood sugar). One problem we face right taking gum from kids in our we can NO LONGER trust most old name brands of gum we used to buy...NOT EVEN Wrigley's. Most now contain either Saccharin, Sucralose, Aspartame, Asulf-K, or a combination of at least 2 of these bad artificial sweeteners. They are upset often when we try to explain that the
gums with artificial sweeteners are NOT healthy for them. Today we have plain white Peppermint Chiclets which still do NOT contain these dangerous sweeteners or coal tar colors.






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