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Re: Question About Spiking
April 9, 2003

From: Lloyd

I found this on Hep C Help website.  Apparently a lot of people have enzyme and viral spikes.  Makes me wonder if the Doctors realize this!

"We often see a spike in enzyme numbers, as well as viral load when someone begins a good nutritional protocol.  This can be alarming to our doctors if they do not understand what is taking place, They do not treat HCV in the same manner, so are unfamiliar with the signs of detoxification, and can often mis-interpret the signs of healing for a worsening condition.
We must educate our doctor's to the effects of detox and healing, or fight them tooth and nail through recovery.  It is always best to have your doctor as an ally, and not an enemy.  And the better he/she understands your course of action, the more likely they will not attempt to interfere, or become overly alarmed by your early test results.

We know the liver enzymes continually fluctuate throughout each day...they are never 100% stable. They react to the liver processes, which take place as a result of what is introduced to the liver.

A windy day will cause your enzymes to spike.  A Big Mac will cause them to spike.  Fasting will cause them to spike.  Increased viral attack will cause them to spike.  A vodka martini will cause them to spike.  An argument with your boss will cause them to spike.  Detoxification will cause them to spike.

When the body is detoxifying on a cellular level, toxins and virus are flushed from the cells, the tissues and into the blood stream.  Not only is the liver going to deal with these once stored toxins and virus, but will flush them from the liver tissues as well.  The liver is also being provided nutrients which cause tissues to regenerate, and healing to take place.

That is a whole lot of activity in a liver which was in a state of degeneration, and as it fails allows as little activity as possible - for years in most our cases"

I would like to add that viral spikes are usually from something a doctor prescribes!   Mood elevators, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines,
Flu Vaccines, Antibiotics, Travel because new and different viral and bacterial entities are introduced that the immune system is not use to, and there are many more.  I am currently composing a list of the ones I hear of most.

Doctors are telling patients all across this country that Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines do not raise the viral load.  I am here to tell you that the Mighty Modern American Medical Machine (money machine) is dead wrong about this.  Schering knows it but has not bothered to announce it.
You can find some info on this in the 43 page report presented to the FDA by Schering.

I will not stop until the mighty American money making machine stops killing innocent Americans by prescribing drugs that are worse than the disease they are to cure!


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