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I am a Believer
April 8, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

Well I have to admit that I did'nt think I would be one of the fortunate ones contacting you with outstanding results because of your advice, but here I am to testify...You are responsible for keeping me from making a serious mistake of putting my life and well being in the hands of an internist that wanted to proceed with the interferon.  He was really upset with me when I said no, that I would prefer to try an alternative treatment.

Not to mention a ream job from my oncologist (I found out about the hep c in the bloodwork after being diagnosed with breast cancer two and a half years ago. After going thru chemo, I was a little apprehensive about any more poisons in my body, and decided to research alternative methods on the internet.)  Your website interested me the most so I sent for your book.  Long story short, when I went in for my checkup with the oncologist yesterday.


I was doing a happy dance right there in the office after finding out my liver bloodwork was down to AST 53 / ALT 58, from AST 103 / ALT 183 taken on 10-02-02.

This really seemed to piss off my oncologist, who was squirming when he gave me the results, after the last visit telling me I was dreaming if I thought I was going to get my hep c under control with herbal supplements.  That the hep c should scare me alot more than the return of breast cancer and that I really need to get a grip on reality.  I have to say that I really enjoyed his squirming as much as I did hearing the test results, and I am a new woman with restored faith that there are alternatives to getting screwed by the medical profession.

Thank you LLoyd, you gave me back my life in more ways than you know.



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