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Re: Devastated by Peg-Intron side effects
April 6, 2003

I stopped my combo treatment (Peg/Reb) therapy over a month ago but am still suffering from asthma like breathing problems (can't even walk to mailbox without gasping for air) psoriasis, eye problems, little blisters in nose and throat, ear aches, jaw and neck aches and my hair continues to come out by the handfuls...the DR wasn't sure what was causing my breathing problems...chest X-ray ok...but now use Albuterol and Advair in order to breathe. I received antibiotics which cleared up everything (infections to numerous to list) but the above mentioned problems.

I'm disturbed by these lingering problems and hope they're not permanent. Anyone else experience the same? How long does it take for Peg/Reb to clear your system?



I do know others with this breathing problem and one that was in the hospital for 3 months and was given up for dead. Respitory failure caused from peg intron. I am not allowed to make extensive comments on it yet but I can say that after 10 days of natcell products and other key items in my program this person went home and is improving.

Respitory failure is a side effect of peg intron and is not usually mentioned by the prescribing physician.

You can overcome it.

I suggest:

NADH 2.5 mg one per day

Natcell thymus
1 viral a day for 2 weeks and 1 vial every other day there after.

Peroxide with oxygen.
30 drops 3 x day This is not on my site but I have it.

CQ 10 100 mg 4 x day.

White pine bark tea, several cups a day.

Hyssop tea.

Lipoic acid 300 mg 3 x day

Milk thistle 400 mg 3 x day

A giant air cleaner of high quality.

Properly prepared aloe 4 oz 4 x day

Moducare 4, 2 x day

Natcell CF Support

Natcell Flex cell, it is new and I think it is amazing at stopping bone and joint pain.  This is caused from peg intron as it destroys bone marrow.

See the article on peg on the front page of my website.

Lets see how this does and go from there.

In good health


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