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Re: Worst mistake of my life....Interferon
April 4, 2003


App. 1 year ago I contracted Hep. C through sexual contact--- yes ... sexual contact.  It happens a lot more than DR's first thought ... according to the N.I.H. (esp. in gay men like myself)  My primary care Dr. caught it in the acute stage.  I waited 8 months to see if I would be one of the lucky ones to clear the virus on my own.  Unfortunately, my levels only went down to 600,000 I/U and stayed there. My Dr. strongly urged me to go on Pegintron & Rebetol since the cure rate % was better if you treat within the first year of treatment.  I agreed and have cursed every day since. After 5 months I still haven't cleared the virus (down to around 10/K I/U).

Of the known 23 side effects I am experiencing (weight loss of nearly 20/lbs on a lean body frame already) I still have managed to work full time. (I live in SF, disability is not an option here...esp. with the rents the way they are)  However, I have lost most of my friends due to the mood swings and currently am losing my partner because of this treatment.  (He is undergoing this treatment also but with not as many side effects)  My DR's office never told me the full story of the side effects and asked about my quality of life issues.  My pharmacist sat down and gave me a handout on what side effects to expect and the follow up care that is needed during this barbaric treatment.

I understand that there is a slew of new drugs options in the test stages right now.  Do you know of any other western treatments that does not include interferon?  I heard of a pill that encapsulates the virus and doesn't let the infected HepC cells get to the good liver cells.  Are you familiar with this?

"Wasting away in San Francisco"


I have advised several people who have only had hep c 5 years or less. Every time I succeed in 4 weeks to a few months.  They however did not use interferon.

I strongly urge you to try my entire treatment because I love it when people get well and you sound like a good candidate, wish you did not use interferon.

Download the 43 pages submitted to the FDA by schering for licensing.

Now on the first page with my take on it.

Read them and you will know why it does not work.

It is true that gay men and women do get hep c from sex.  There are several reasons for this and why it does not apply to the hetrosexual population.

There is no slew of new drugs for hep c that are going to work.  Hep c is as complex as aids and there is no promising item in any pipeline.
Your immune system is the best healer you have.  You just need to feed it what it needs to help you win the battle.

I would love very much to put your email on my message board.  I remove names, address etc. if it is OK, please let me know.

In good health


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