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Political World
April 26, 2003


I know have already e-mailed you today, but I got the two books from you via priority mail this morning and just had to write.

a) for all of the info in them
b) for the dedication to Bob Dylan for "Politcal World", that is so appropriate because of what it says, plus the fact when I left my idiot, non-caring doctor, I got in my car and just happen to have Mr. Hendrix doing a Mr. Dylan song," All Along the Watchtower", ( there must be someway outa' here, said the drunkerd to the thief, there is too much confusion, can't get no relief ).

Gee, after all these 35 years of listening to the song, I had never realized it was talking about the medical profession - ha ha.

R. H. - Tampa, Fla.


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