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Re: Hope in Texas
April 24, 2003

Hey Lloyd,

Remember me, maybe?  Was diagnosed in Oct with hepc, ast 40, alt 53, and my viral load was 611,000.  Told you I was having left side pain and you said it might be my spleen and that a lot of people in Tx have it?  Why in Tx?

Anyway, I've been to two gastro-int specialists, one wanted to put me on the interferon for 1 year and said their were no 6 mos. treatments and that the cure would be maybe 40% chance.  The other gastro dr. said very casually that it was a personal decision I would have to make, and that I am 53 and its not like I haven't lived a full life,?!  whatever the fuck that means......

Anyway, why I am writing is that my long awaited app. with Dr. Malet at Southwester Medical Center at Dallas was yesterday.  He said I needed the interferon for 6 mos and that his cure rate is 80%.  I asked him why everyone tells me different things and he said for me to forget all the other drs. and that I was at THE PLACE where all the info and tests are and in that basically THEY are THE gurus.  He said by me waiting my liver is being damaged and I may have really bad cirrosis in 5 to 10 years.

Didn't mention your name, but did tell him I was on herbs, milk thistle, dandelion, aloe, etc.  He made no comment but simply said that my condition will not improve without interferon.  I had him draw blood and let them test it.  I have been on your herbs for almost 3 months.  My blood work comes back on Monday the 28th. The dr gave me 2 videos and about 6 pamplets and a coloring book type journal.  I've read both of your books.

LLoyd, I am afraid that I am letting my guard down, and for the first time really considering this interferon and getting this shit over with ...... I have decided that when I get my blood results Monday and if my viral load is down, that maybe I will just keep taking your herbs, you know?  Can you give me your opinion of SW Med Center at Dallas?  Three months ago, I started your herbs, not all that you took, but close to it, I gave up red meat, fried foods and all dairy like you said.  I drink the dandelion tea, milk thistle tea, reisihi tea, aloe, and asst. pills. I take a raw egg and the coral calcium.  I have been feeling great since I have been on these herbs, except for my left side ache.  The SW Med dr wants to do a dye test to look at my spleen and stomach.  I am also menopausal and have been taking your pro-calm and that has really helped the hot flashes.

I am SOOOOOO afraid of the interferon, please give me your opionion, Lloyd. I am praying that my blood test will be improved so that I can feel confident of refusing interferon.

Thanks Lloyd

Your my only "hope".

Hope M.......................


I think I can solve your confidence problem.

On the front page of my website you will see
the CBER report on peg intron.

The CBER is the arm of the FDA that approves applications for drug companies for sale of drugs.

Read what I wrote, print the 43 page report that schering wrote.

When you are done you must conclude that the temporary non-detected percentage is less than 5 %.

Look at the graph on page 21. See that the viral load is higher after treatment than before.

Read the quality of life before during and after and you will see that the studies done in 4 countries show that the quality of life is not in any way improved after use of peg intron.

Read the notes I made to make it easier to understand.

Try to comprehend that the only reason that the FDA approved interferon and peg intron is because they consider that there is no viable alternative.

It does not matter to them that the stuff is not safe or that it does not work, just that they say there is no viable alternative.

Read the part that they say that they used a non-detected at any time, weather it was one day, one minute and it was back the next day as being a successful remission.  I could not believe it when I read that.

Read it and you decide if you want to use it.  You decide if your doctor is full of Shit or is really telling you the truth.

Please let me know what your blood work says and see it and get a copy, do not take the doctors word for it over the phone, I have seen to many people get lied to by there great doctors.

In good health


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