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Peg for 2nd or More Times
April 22, 2003


Well Bill finally got the information he needed to say NO MORE PEG!!!

When he was taken off the Peg last time he was as the non detected point, 3 months after that he was at 235,000 copies per ml.

Before he once again started up with the Peg his viral load was 244,000 copies per ml.

That year he was off it and only on alternative treatments it barely went up.

Well after 4 months of being back on that poison his viral count is now 683,000 copies per ml!!!

I do believe that he is seeing the writing on the wall and he does not want to die.  I called his Hep C doctor and he let us in on some information that I wish I would have known before... when people go on the Peg for 2nd or more times they are less likely to respond.  That information should be told before people start this crap again.  If people knew this they probably would not start it again, and in the packet insert for the Peg and Ribiviran is dose not state this information anywhere...


I will be calling you next week to place a substantial order, I have a few questions regarding the 2 different Vit C's, thymus - Organic Glandular compared to what I give him now, Pure Synergy, Liver- Organic Glandular, Eurocel, Cat's Claw and Moducare Sterinol.

I would like to start helping myself too, so I am looking into stuff for myself.  I have Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, RA, Mitral Insufficiency, Iscemia of the Myocardium, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Polycystic Ovarian Disease, Overactive bile duct and a Migraine sufferer. The only allergies I have are to aspirin and Iodine (any form of it).

Once again Thank You for Everything!!! I will be in touch soon.

God Bless,

Hi T W:

It is all thru my message board.

If interferon does not work in the first two months, it is not going to.

Hep c virus mutates with each replication and becomes immune to interferon.



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