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Your Doctor Does Not Own You!
April 17, 2003

Hello again...

You have been my only contact re: the dragon since Jan.03 when I was diagnosed with HCV ... since then I have researched most websites, msg boards, etc... and feel you really know your stuff.  My Hep Dr. still wants me to have biopsy and get hep a and b shots. .. I'm dragging my feet.  I have started on a small regime of yours and totally feel great.  Why fix what ain't broken... however Hep Dr. says any day now or in future the liver can start breaking and without notice could be devasting...

So I have 3 months to decide on biopsy and treatments.... Ireally have already made my decision.... My question is will this be a routine for life or is it possible to eradicate by this change of life with diet and herbs, etc. and truly be hepc free?  He thinks I have acute HCV but really doesn't know liver damage until a biopsy.

I don't want any foreign object disturbing liver any further (the big needle)... You are in inspiration and have blessed my lives... Truly the most informative website on this subject.

Thank you... Joann

Hi Joann:

It is my feeling that one should not use interferon's.  More and more doctors are realizing that the "cure is worse than the disease".

My program works better.  It is healthy, no negative side effects.

You may not clear the virus but you can regenerate your liver, stop damage, feel and be healthy again.  Read my message board, read my books.

Thousands of people are telling the world that interferon's do not work, that nutrition is the answer for health in regard to hep c.  The vast number of people praising my program can not be anything but proof that it is the best path!

Please do not use interferon's, you will never be the same.

In place of a biopsy you can do an ultra sound and a blood test and if there is anything bad there than needs a biopsy, they will see it.

People who do what I did have the best results.

In good health

One more comment:
You do not have 3 months to decide.
You have all the time you need.

Your doctor does not own you!

Think about this. It is a major problem in the US today, doctors make you think they are your god.  They are not.  Take your health in your hands. Your doctor is not educated in health, just prescribing.  It is a regimental thing they went thru for many years of their life.



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