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Re: questions?????
April 15, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

I am a hep C patient diagnosed over 10 years ago.. At that time a biopsy revealed no evidence of the virus or any damage, blood ast and alt levels were only minimally elevated for one year then normal.  I was told to go home unitl I had a problem since my DR did not agrree there was any evidence to treat me at this time and said:

"Hopefully by the time you need a treatment I'll have one that doesn''t mean the end of your life .. do nothing herbals, over the counter drugs or diets that would add any insults to your liver, oh and, abosolutely no alcohol,. Call if your have any symptoms and get liver fct tests every year any change come back immediately".

Life went on until I got some elevated levels alt / ast, so I went back two years ago.  Levels were still only slightly elevated by 3-5 pionts and ultrasound showed some fibrous changes.  It is two years since: My Dr still believes that the current ineffective therapies are a higher risk than not treating me, he does not recommend any invasive biopsy: just an ultrasound follow up and routine blood test for function and AFP monitoring.

Should I seek another DR?  I am herbally illiterate.  I am tired and have rheumatory like symptoms, itching on occasion my lytes are good etc, but I am impatient with this uncontrollable DX: more confused on whether to seek some treatment options at all.  I do have pre-existing type II diabetes, MVP, endocrine issues, am over weight considerably all at 41 years old with many allergies both to foods and drugs.  I am also educated medically and don't like the results of current treatment options either.  Many people have died after post treatment trials due to liver failure.  Tell me something new.. where are your trials of study?  Is there any resource either for or against herbals that can offer me information pro or con?  Please send info as soon as possible to educate me on these trying times of decision.  What are your credentials?  Services?  Fees?  I would like to thank you for this site and your feedback is important as is all who visit this site feel free to post this without my address of course.

Pondering my options....


I was a patient, I was told I needed to do interferon or die.
After interferon I was told I would die in 3 to 5 years
unless something else came along.

That was not acceptable.

In stead of me rewriting my books, send me an address and I will send them to you.  They are a easy read, you will enjoy them and laugh.
You will also be able to read what people have to say about me and my program.

I just can't let you go with just my books.  Diabetes is caused in the pancreas.  The pancreas is an alternative breeding ground for viral hepatitis.  The adrenal gland begins to come apart after long term stress and disease.  This is a serious blow in time to your health.

Arthritis symptoms are a major problem with most hep c suffers.
Itching is a problem with 8% of people with hep c.  I can reverse everything on your email with my program.

Do not use interferon's.  I must commend your doctor on this.
The stuff is much worse than the disease.


In good health


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