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Good Results and a Question
April 12, 2003

Good Morning Lloyd,

I sent you a note yesterday and as I promised I have reviewed my Blood
Test Results.

01/28/02.....ALT 95......AST 65......HCV RNA 20.8 million copies/ml
08/27/02.....ALT 132.....AST 63.......................HCV RNA not tested

After 08/27/02 I added Natcell Frozen Thymus and Thymus capsules to what I was already taking which was Lipotrope,Alpha Lipoic, Vit C, Aloe
Juice, Cats Claw, Reishi ExtracT Caps, Dandelion Root Tea, Milk Thistle, Vit E, Selenium, and Colostrum.

On 04/03/03 I had another test done by my Family Doctor done at a
different lab so I am not sure if the comparisons are for the same type of Tests

04/03/03......ALT 106.....AST 51.......Viral Load 5.5 million copies/ml

At first glance these results are very encouraging.

Although I can't afford everything I am taking what I feel is most important
for me.

My question is.  Is there a product that I can add to my existing list of
products that might help my AST & ALT levels drop to with in normal range?

Please Advise if you might be able to suggest a product.

Feel free to post the above results (anonymously)

Thank You for Sharing your Research with us in need.

R. T.

Hi R.T.

Drink my teas!  People who drink my teas get better faster.
They will help lower your AST and ALT.

Dandelion Root, Hyssop, Milk Thistle, Reishi, Licorice root.

Have your iron levels tested.
That one item can keep the AST and ALT elevated.

In good health


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