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Re: Melody Beattie Progress Report
April 11, 2003

Hi Lloyd.

Went in to see my doctor today (a naturopath so I don't have to argue about not taking the interferon treatment every time I get my blood work done. A supportive environment is really important to me, as other people's thinking can impact my own).

Anyway, a brief history. On November 5, I went to see my doctor for some minor timely elective surgery to stay one step ahead of the aging. He did a pre-op physical. Three days later he called me back and told me I had hepatitis c. I went into the lab the following day for more specific tests -- ie., a liver panel and viral load count.

On November 11th, my blood work showed the following:

AST - 40
(both numbers in the high range of normal)
ALT - 49
My viral load count was:
  HCV RNA PCR 756,090 iu/ml
  HCV RNA PCR 1,512,180 copies/ml

I was scared and angry. I really didn't want this disease, didn't want to have to deal with it, and didn't want it in my body. I began researching it on the web, and talking to people who had it -- hearing all sorts of different stories. Meanwhile, I used ozone (sauna and injectable) and vitamin drips. I also heard of a local guy (I live in Malibu, too) who had HCV, and had started "on some program and had great results." Later, I found out the program he had started on was yours.

On January 15, I went in to yet another doctor to get blood work done and see if the ozone had any impact. It hadn't. My viral load was almost exactly the same.

Six days later, I started on your full program -- frozen natcells, supplements, teas, greens. You had mentioned to me that sometimes women on estrogen have a more difficult time lowering their viral load unless their hormones are perfectly balanced. I was lucky enough to find a naturopath who was able to balance my pharmaceutical estrogen (which I've been taking for years following a hysterectomy) with two other hormones necessary for this "perfect balance" -- biestrogen and progesterone. She also recommended taking the supplement Indoplex, as it helps the liver metabolize hormones with no adverse effects (which I did begin taking).

Nine weeks later, on April 30, I went in for my lab work.

My tests came back:

AST - 29
That's right baby.  Nine.
ALT - 9
My viral load dropped over half:
  HCV RNA PCR 371,290 iu/ml
  HCV RNA PCR 742,580 copies/ml

I'm halfway up the mountain. I wish I was all the way to the top, with permanently maintained nondetectable viral load counts. Like I mentioned to you, in the last month, I have really begun to believe that's possible.

Thank you for being there Lloyd, and giving me a viable option to interferon (which as far as I'm concerned isn't viable and isn't an option). The program is a lot of work, but many things that were overwhelming in the beginning are now habitual -- making the teas, waking up and holding little frozen things in my hands, waiting one hour to drink my first cup of coffee ....

My energy level has been great since the first week of beginning your program. Now I have the data to prove that it is working for me. Thanks again. And keep helping us heppers.

You are a blessing.

Melody Beattie


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