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Re: My Liver Biopsy and Blood Test Results
April 10, 2003

hello Lloyd,

Good morning we spoke back in February about my previous experience or lack of it with the medical people.  We spoke about my high iron content, and how my liver doctor reacted poorly when I spoke out about him not doing my HCV viral load count.  We talked briefly about the doctor suggested of having a liver biopsy you suggested I did not need it and you were right.  But as I had insurance to pay for it and a very good medical facility, I went ahead and had it done.  It came out quite well I was told.  I will e-mail a copy of the biopsy report hopefully attached to this e-mail.  It read as follows...

final diagnosis: right lobe liver: liver with mild chronic hepatitis consistent with hepatitis C etiology. grade one stage two. TRYCHROME STAIN (CONTROL POSTIVE) demonstrates focal periportal firbrousis. RETICULIN STAIN (CONTROL POSTIVE) demonstrates the lobular architecture. IRON STAIN (CONTROL POSITIVE) does not demonstrate increase iron.

I spoke to my doctor's receptionist today and once again asked her to fax me my heptic panel results.  She told me a doctor said there were no changes in my results and I should try to lose some way and see in six months.  Well Lloyd as you know I am no doctor but when I read my blood results my ferritin, serum went from 626 TO 587 a drop of 39 points my AST level went from 95 to 55 a drop of 40 points my viral load went from 764,000 to 583,000 IU/MLa difference of 181,000.lower yet the doctor claims ther has been no change.

It looks like a good change to me with a lower number would do you think Lloyd?  I know I feel great, and my friends tell me I look much better.  I know that your knowledge and your program works for me.  I have also noticed that my skin looks much better, and believe it or not, my mostly gray hair is turning dark again unbelievable, thanks to you so much of my life has changed for the better.

I am now going to attempt to send you copies of all my latest tests and results hope all is well for you.


Hi G.W.

Doctors do not consider anything important unless they did it.

Your iron is to high, your AST and ALT drop is significant.  Your viral load did go down.

Doctors do not consider the viral load drop of this amount important because they see a rapid rise and fall in them and think it is normal but it is not.  The rapid rise and fall is due to mostly things they prescribe.
Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines, Flu Vaccines, Mood elevators, antibiotics, a whole list of things cause the rapid rise in viral load.  I will shortly put a list on the site on its own page.

I suggest you keep up the good work and just use your doctor for blood tests and try and not engage him or he may crumble like Sadam.

In good health

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