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Schering's CEO speaks
November 18 2003


Last night I was watching a financial show called Kudlow and Kramer.
They interview people from the business world.

Last night they were interviewing Fred Hassen, Chairman and CEO of Schering Plough.

Hassen said, “We saw a large amount of people go on the drug [hepatitis c drug, PEG-Intron] and then a huge drop in people accepting the treatment. We did not see this coming.

People talk. And with the advent of the Internet, the things people say travel even faster than they used to. With regard to PEG-Intron, so many people have been talking that the things they’ve said have literally put Schering Plough in a position near bankruptcy. So many people have discovered that the treatment is worse than the virus, that it has long-lasting (in many cases permanent), severe side effects, and that the virus can be controlled by diet and supplementation, that people are not choosing to use it.

Not to mention, the treatment does not work - and that is a fact. Doctors keep telling people that it works 50 % of the time or even 100% of the time. But people are figuring out that this is just rhetoric that spews forth from the physician’s mouth because of his or her relationship with the system.

I am very happy that we, the people, are having a serious impact on a giant drug company that definitely does not have our health in mind.

In good health

11/19/2003 AD

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