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Re: Natcell order
December 5, 2003

Dear Lloyd:

I have edited it the way I would like you to post it.
Thank you again. See below. Please do not publish and names or initials.

Lloyd, I look forward to reporting good news to you in the coming months
about my health. My next blood draw is March. I am basically a carrier and remain very, very healthy and I want to do all that I can to stay that way in hopes of one day eliminating the virus in me altogether. I have been told that this cannot be done without Interferon or rarely happens.

I work at a major medical center, my physician is at a major medical center and I have access to all the information in the world with regard to this disease. After visiting all these doctors, as well as an alternative medicine doc who is affiliated, I feel that I still have to treat myself. They are kind, and they are well intended. However, they do not, I repeat, do not know anything about this disease. They are not, not open to alternative medicines..even the alternative medicine doctor was is all interferon, liver biopsies, liver transplant.....and, learning to "live with it".....Well, I don't want that!!!

I know that I am healthier and happier than I have ever been in the three months since I have been following your book and parts of your regimen. I add a little here and there to see how my body responds with each new herb or remedy, so far so good. Now, I want to try the Natcell Thymus and I will move on from there. If I need to, I will get more agressive. Lloyd, I look forward to a very,very long and happy life! Praise to you for this website and your help!!!

You are wonderful!!! More than hope...there is life!!!!



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