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Wrong Drug
December 5, 2003


I spoke to the emergency room doctor about my thyroid test today and it is normal.  Also he did some research and found out that the blood pressure medication I'm taking causes cold extremities as well as tiredness and a host of other side effects.  It explains my extreme cold hands and feet.  It also explains my tiredness.  I thought my tiredness was Hep C related and it may be to some extent.   However taking this medication doesn't help the problem.   I also found out that if someone has Hep C they should avoid my particular blood pressure medication.  I was taking Atenolol, 25 mgs per day.

I don't have a problem with high blood pressure, but my father had 2 heart attacks by the time he was my age, so she wanted me to go on it.  I very reluctantly did.  I also have a past history of asthma, and should have not been put on that medicine as it can cause attacks.  The doctor should have known this.  This is information that you may be able to pass.

I should be getting my ferritin and iron test results from my regular liver doctor which I had taken on last Monday.   I took 2000 mgs of IP6 for a month as well as vitamin B1 (thiamin) which also takes out iron at 300 mgs per day and had a drink made out of lemon (the whole lemon) and virgin olive oil which is supposed to leech out all toxic metals out of your blood stream.

More information I have learned in the last month.
Bottom line... a drug a doctor prescribed caused me some very uncomfortable days and evenings and hopefully no other damage to any organs.

Thanks again for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.
J. R.


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