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Re: Interferon Side-effect relief
December 14, 2003

Dear Lloyd:

I have been urging my friend G. for many months now to try your program.   I appreciate your response to my inquiry last year.  His doctor refused to monitor him if he did not undertake Peg-Intron and Ribavirin, and with some insurance considerations decided to submit to that.  He is also taking erythropoietin to mitigate anemia.

He is enduring the side effects of profound fatigue and abnormal blood chemistry bravely, but cannot work.  Is there anything which could give him some relief while he finishes the few months remaining of this "mandated" treatment?

G. says that he plans to follow your program afterward to insure a sustained response, since the doctor is willing to continue monitoring viral load.   He and I both wish that there is some way to formally document efficacy, in spite of the establishment opposition.  I appreciate your efforts to help those who suffer from our medical

Your truly,
J. K.

Hi J:

There are many things that can and should be done. Living with low platelets and low red and white blood cells is not healthy, can lead to many different problems in the future.

NADH provides some relief from some of the side effects. It helps with the attack on the neurotransmitters.

Natcell Thymus and Natcell Liver help with T cell activity and Red and White Blood cell activity.  Natcell Liver can increase the red blood cell count.

During interferon the platelet count drops dramatically.  Platelets are made in the liver and when it is being assaulted one needs to support it.  These two items alone can raise the platelets while on interferon.

I also strongly recommend drinking milk thistle seed tea and dandelion root tea.  This is necessary to keep the poison flowing out of the liver as much as possible.

Vitamin C should be taken in high doses to strengthen the immune system.  There are many other items one should do to protect ones self from interferon but I have found that people on it are not going to do much if anything so this is a minimum recommendation.

I am here for any questions.

In good health



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