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Greetings again from Fla
December 13, 2003

Hey Lloyd

Greetings again from Fla. I went to an open house the other night at the Fla. Institute where I am currently receiving my UBI treatments/supplements. I was speaking with a massage therapist that has a client with hep c/end stage cirrhosis...long story short I gave him your book and Deborah happened to hear me speaking about you and told us that she had you on her show last year in Calif. I am thinking to myself...where have you been that I have not heard of you.....glad I got your book and have since ordered 3 more but will more than likely order many more. She had some very wonderful things to say about you. You will probably hear from this massage therapist (forgot his name)

The open house was fantastic and once again I got all fired up. In speaking with the docs the other night I believe that we need to get the awareness out there but more importantly we need to let people know that they do have choices. I spoke with Deborah about starting some sort of hep c program/support group and she is willing to do this and we will talk after the first of the year. I am so blessed to have found them and was deeply saddened when we lost DR was a deep loss for the community as you probably know he was a very special person that knew what he was talking about and worked many many years to get the Institute where it is take on the FDA, medical establishment and all other negative attitude he persevered and the good that he did for others cannot be enough said. We certainly need more docs like him. I found a doc in Tampa that will work with me and my care at the fact he has opened his arms to anything I have for him to read and is very interested in other treatments for hep c. He is phenomenal and feel very lucky to have found him. My liver functions are fantastic and viral load continues to drop...looking into the thymus as well. He has a copy of your book as well.

I will be going to lecture Monday night for the book...Seeds of Destruction...very interesting and read most of the book last night....hahahaha a bit to grasp at times but certainly raises many issues that we need to be concerned about.

I hope you have a blessed day and again I am so happy to have found you and your book. You are an inspiration and maybe we can all collectively get the message last of the docs mentioned the other night about the different methods of exposure of hep c....he feels that it is not necessarily the ways in which we have heard all these years.....Doc B thinks possibly insects such as mosquitos...certainly makes I feel that HIV can spread this way. Any comments?

Have a wonderful day and hope to hear from you soon!


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