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Non Detected Testimonials
December 11, 2003


One of our customers, Chuck R., is a watchmaker and obviously cannot use interferon. He also does prison ministry. On December 5, 2003, he called my office to report that his viral load had gone down from 11,300,000 to 6,380,000 in just 3 months on my program.

During this time his ALT also went down from 208 to 105 and his AST went down from 110 to 56. His doctor was very caught off guard.

My customer, Jay S., tested positive for HCVrna on 12/27/02 and again on 5/20/03 - his ALT was 94 and AST was 48. He began feeling very sick, with fever, chills, back pain, nausea, weakness and insomnia.  He started part of my program.  He added frozen thymus later.  He tested negative for HCVrna on 10/29/03. This, according to his physician, was a “miracle”. Blood tests are on file.

Don T. started my program # 3 plus TLM on 10/09/2002. After 9 months his viral load went from 28,000,000 to 11,000,000.

M. P. started my program on March 25, 2003. His viral load was 3,160,000.   His ALT was 417, his AST was 106.  After just 2 ½ months on my program his viral load dropped to 652,894, his ALT to 67 and his AST to 71.  In addition, his platelets went up from 137 to 142.

A 44-year-old male started my program about 2 years ago.  On 04/03/02 his viral load was 1,823,200.00, his AST was 100, his ALT was 241 and his platelets were 164.  On 02/03/03 his viral load was 627,190.00, his AST was 132 (a 100 point drop!), his ALT was 146, and his platelets went up to 180.


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