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Ecstatic about my progress!
September 30, 2002


Dear Lloyd,

I hope you get to read this, I thought you would like to know.

Thank God for His healing power;
Thank God for the internet,
that I'm not at the mercy of 21st century medical Barbarism;
And thank God for you, your wisdom and testimony.

Back in June (2002) I went for some blood work, cause I thought I was dying, (and I was). I figured I had Lime Disease or something only to be told I had HCV.

I found you on the web ordered both your books then started your program. Right now I'm following all your recommendations except the Natcell Thymus (which I plan to start soon).

After three months I'm ecstatic about my progress. Following are the results of my blood work from June 11th to Sept 17th.

Liver Enzymes
GGT 503 down to 55
AST 205 down to 66
ALT 280 down to 141
Viral counts
HCV RNA IU/mL 496,000 down to 105,000
HCV RNA, QN,PCR 1,339,200 down to 283,500

After my Dr. saw these results and I told him the treatment I was taking the idiot said it was because I stopped drinking and lost 30 lbs., then he said the enzyme levels could drop right before liver failure.


I suppose if I got these results from the combo therapy he wanted me on, he'd be bowing down to his god Pfizer, and worshiping at the altar of mammon and the FDA. Jack ass that he is! But Herbs, cannot be.

Oh, did I tell you, after 8 years on high blood pressure medicine I no longer need it, my pressure is normal. The doctor who put me on those meds was a real "A" hole also. My cholesterol is lower then it's ever been also 156 total.

Lloyd thank you so much. I've been taking some additional supplements, If you get a chance please let me know if you think they are good or bad or neither.

Colloidal Silver, from Utopian Silver Microhydrin, from Royal Crown

And why only 400mg of selenium, some sources say up to 1000mg per day?

Thanks again,
V. M.

Hi Vincent:

Selenium can cause death thru liver toxicity. That amount can be as low as 1200 mcg. There is selenium in other foods etc, so you do not want to take more than 400 mcg by supplement.

I am thrilled about your progress and I want to thank you for sharing it with me. Very few people these days take the time to share there results in writing. Since the stock market crunch and all the talk of war, far less people share there sucess.

I still get 100s of emails a day but they are mostly questions I am glad to answer but many are hurting for money and just can not pay for expensive medicine. Also too many are doing what insurance pays for which is interferon's. I get more email about the suffering that crap causes than anything else. During times like these far to many are encouraged to use the rat poison of the DRUG companies because it is paid for by insurance and they suffer for it for the rest of their lives. I am so happy for you.

In good health,


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