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We're Being Robbed!
September 29, 2002



2 years ago was diagnosed with hep c genotype 1 went on rebetron with no luck it seems i contracted hep c after having mono.  I was never so sick in my life. still having side effects today supposes to start the new peg next week I already have severe rheumatoid arthritis from it.  I am 46 years old with a 80 year body.  I stay constantly fatiged, nauseated, I am looking for a natural remedy would appreciate talking to you.

thank you,


Please do not use peg intron. It is the exact same chemical as intron A with a time release factor built in. If interferon did not work, peg intron will not. The virus builds an immunity with each replication. It becomes immune to interferon's. It is all about money. The Doctors are lying to you. The drug companies are lying to them.

So many people have been subjected to this repeated use story with no sucess that any logical conclusion would be that the doctors would stop destroying lives but they are driven by money, not science. I have spoken with 1000s of people who used interferon unsuccessfully and are talked into using peg intron and not one of them has told me anything except horror stories.

My God people, when are you going to get it. The pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars off of sick people with a drug that does not work. Lets tell the world were being robbed!!!!!!!!!!!

In good health


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