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Walk For Hep C?
September 24, 2002


Dear Lloyd,

I have a question. I just did a walk for Suicide prevention and getting ready to do one for AIDS. I have never seen a walk for HCV. I just found out I have HCV and just had my 8th week injection. I would really like to do a walk or some sort of fund raiser/awareness for HCV. Not many people know much about the disease. I am going to start doing some research but wanted to get your input. Your website is very informative and thought perhaps you could help. Please let me know.

Thank you,

Hi M:

I have not heard of a walk for hep c either. I wish you were not using interferon. I guess you have not read enough. You should be using a serious immune system boosting program as interferon's put the immune system asleep. It also can cause blindness, permanent blindness, did they tell you that? It causes diabetes type 2 and a whole range of other items. Have you really looked into this?


Actually no I didn't know that. I'm glad they tell you everything...hehe. Actually I am off of it now. I had a stroke from what they believe is the interferon. They aren't positive but they took me off of it just in case.

Thanks for the info...


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