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AST Count
September 14, 2002


Hi Lloyd, hope all is well with you.

Quick question. My ALT has dropped to well within normal range 23-25, however while my AST has dropped significantly, it still stays a little high, around 46-56. Is there something I can add to my current regimen that would help decrease that?

Another thing, why hasn't 60 minutes, or 48 hours done a story on your work?
Have you ever been in touch with those folks?  I would love to help spearhead some campaign to get your program out to the millions of people who need it.

With much love and respect,
K. B.

Hi K:

The big TV shows are sponsored by Pharmaceutical companies. Ever watch the evening news, dominated by drug company ads. I have tried. I have and my office has sent info to many shows and no response. Your AST will go down with time. Drink more dandelion root tea. Try a hyssop fast. Drink more of my teas.

In good health,


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