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Back From the MD
October 9, 2002


Hi there,

I typically hate huge mailings but you are all waiting for the same info so here it goes........

Well, C. and I just got back from the MD appt. ( follow up from the liver biopsy on 9/18 ) it was basically anticlimactic, the MD was arrogant and non forthcoming with information and HATED the wife who wouldn't stop asking questions. At first he non chalantly said that C's liver was as bad as he expected 4/4+. He guesses that C's cirrhosis is approx. 60% at this point but he is holding his own with the other 40% or so. He recommends an esophagus scope because of the risk of varicose (bleeding) from advanced cirrhosis. ( I think C. agreed to that procedure, he doesn't relish the thought of choking on his own blood! )

The MD feels the peg interferon should start after the phlebotomies are finished in 3-6 months because with the phlebotomies, C. is already anemic and the peg interferon will make that worse. He wouldn't even hear that C. wouldn't choose interferon or even have a discussion re: the statistical poor response rate to interferon with genotype 1A or the iron overload, from hemochromotosis. ( which hopefully will be better by then ).

No wonder Lloyd is so anti medical! The gastroenterologist basically said diet makes no difference, vitamins and supplements make no difference and herbs are a joke.
He even went as far as to say that my health insurance company knows best, peg interferon is the only thing they will pay for because its the only treatment there is.

BUT the good news is that he stopped signing C. up for the peg interferon because of the phlebotomies for the next 6 months. So, I feel like we have that time to continue the program of herbs/supplements and vitamins and do some bloodwork then and see if anything is better. The other good news is that the MD didn't think C. was so sick that he would immediately go on a transplant list. I tried to feel that was hopeful. As a matter of fact he got irritated at me again when I asked if C. would be a candidate for a living donor transplant and said that that conversation was not appropriate at this time. C. had to calm me down when we left the appt.!  I was really appalled at his attitude. He gives Germans a bad name!

So, that's the update. We are on hold. It feels ok to be on hold at this point. We shall continue with our supportive program. Keep us in your prayers.



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