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October 8, 2002



M. just had his 3 month checkup and the results were very promising!

AST went from 131 to 68 (<45 is normal)
and ALT from 166 to 58 (<50 is normal)


AFP Tumor marker went from 22 to 12.8 (<11 is normal)
and Iron and Ferritin levels are all back to normal and Bilirubin is almost
all back to normal. I attached the whole blood work chart for your reference.   Viral load count results should show up in the next day or two and we're very anxious. We'll let you know ASAP. He also has a sonogram
scheduled for mid-October to look for tumors because of that high AFP marker reading in June I suppose.

We've followed your suggested regime nearly to the "t", except for the
tea, pardon the pun. We couldn't have hoped for better results LLoyd, thank you!

To be honest, M. still drinks a moderate amount. We both know how bad
alcohol is and we've argued over it a lot. I've never worried that he
can keep it moderate, I know he can, I just wanted him to abstain
completely considering we were investing over $1K a month to save his liver. We agreed that we'd keep an eye on it and see what the results showed.   Certainly not advocating drinking alcohol but it's good to know he can still have a glass of fine wine with a nice meal or a beer at a ball game which is all he wants. He quit everything else he ever used to do for recreation.

Another note of great news for M.: Since he started the Atkins diet in
June he's lost 50lbs! He feels absolutely great! He went from a 270lb
size 44 to 220lb size 38. (I've lost 30lbs on the same diet.) Also got both our Cholesterol tests back and they've plummeted! These are contrary
results to what conventional doctors and other critics of the diet warn people.

Anyway, he's a new man! If it hadn't been for you who knows where
we'd be today Lloyd! I know we're not out of the woods yet but there is a
light where there was none before.

We both send you all our good karma, we'll continue to be loyal customers, we'll keep in touch and if you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask!

E. T.

Hi E. and M.

This is GREAT NEWS!!

Thank you so much for sharing it with me. So many people do not.
I think if M. drinks some milk thistle seed tea and some dandelion root
tea the AST and ALT will come down faster.

This is so great. Keep it up and I am sure things will be just fine.
Is it OK to post this? I remove names address etc. Please let me know.

Thank You so much.


Certainly you have our permission to post!

We also just got his viral counts yesterday and I think it's good results.
It was done by the same Lab only 3 month's apart.

Viral Load    
June 28, 2002

Hepatitis C RNA
Quant BDNA
661,340 IU/mL
(reference was <550)
Sept. 26, 2002

Hepatitus C Virus RNA
Quant by PCR
Hep C RNA Quant PCR
185,950 IU/mL
(reference was <100)

What do you think?

Any suggestions on bringing down the viral count faster? Though I think
he showed a marked improvement. If I'm reading the tests right he's reduced his load by almost 75%. Should he continue the high doses of Vit C, 14K/day? I was going to reduce him to 4K/day since it had been 3 mos.

He's getting a sonogram of his liver on 10/14, we'll share those results
with you too.

Thanks LLoyd. How have you been?



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