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Re: hepatitis c
October 4, 2002


I just finished a 48 week combination pegetron/rebetrol (9-13-02) . I was first found negative (6-24-02). I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to rid myself of this virus and had waited over 10 years for treatment

My question is about my menstrual cycle,it is all screwed up since having completed my treatment.I find it odd since I never had a problem prior to treatment and I find it to incoincidental that I would start the change of life after taking these drugs. Can you connect me with a chat room where I can talk with other women or suggest another website if you are unable to answer this question.



Interferon does lots of negative things. Unfortunately you most likely have not seen the end of the side effects from it. Hopefully you have.

I have heard this from many people who have had the same thing happen. They tell you that you have to sign a paper stating that you will take birth control for the rest of your life because the treatment causes birth defects for the rest of your life.

When accepting interferon, nothing should be a surprise to you. Considering the warnings it is something to be able to function at all. I do not go to chat rooms because most people there are on interferon and are not coherent. I am not here to convince people to do my program or others, I am here to tell people what I know and let them make up there mind.

So in answer to your question, I do not know of any but the internet is full of them.
Just do a few searches, Google is good for that.

In good health


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