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October 27, 2002


Dear Lloyd;

Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the truth about interferons. I was diagnosed 3-02. My enzymes were only slightly elevated, ( they were at 42 with 40 being the normal range ) all my other blood work looked very good. But since they estimated I probably have had HCV for about 24 years, the Gastro was assuming I had liver damage. She told me not to get too excited about having normal enzymes, because she has patients with cirrhosis and normal enzymes. ( My PCP told to me to start interferons right away.)

But, I decided to get the genotype & biopsy before I made that kind of decision. So, they did the biopsy and found I had no damage and no fibrosis at all. I consider myself extremely lucky to have no damage. My genotype is 1A> so I decided not to do the shots. Since making that decision, I have read both of your books. They are wonderful. Thank you! I can only afford to do part of your program right now. I do milk thistle, Alpha lipoic acid, Aloe juice, Spirulina, colostrum, dandelion tea, among a few others. I would like to do the whole program and be rid of this virus. I will probably start the entire regimen next year, when it will be more affordable for us. But for right now, it's working. I still am not 100% but feel much better than I did last year.

Also, just wanted to share a "Buffoon Doctor" of the year story. In your book you mention that doctors today are only good for fixing broken bones, but very ignorant of disease such as cancer, diabetes, HCV, ect. I used to agree with you on the broken bones part, but now I think differently.

My 7 year old fell off the monkey bars. She landed on one hand, with her entire body weight (45 lbs.) on that one hand. It caused a small fracture above the elbow. Well, the pediatrician that was on call at the Minor Injury clinic decided she had a dislocated elbow and needed adjustments. Needless to say, he twisted my poor little girl's arm several times trying to "pop' it back into place ( then he sent us to the X-rays ) smooth move huh? After X-rays we were sent back to this on call doctor. He hummed & hawed about whether or not she had a fracture. It looked like a fracture to me. ( I have no medical background at all ) Anyway, he said " I think it's fine, she will have some swelling, but she's OK". He said he would send her X-rays to the radiologist so he could read them, just to be sure it wasn't a fracture, but he didn't think it was. By the way, this man left a huge 2 inch by 4 inch bruise on my little girl's arm. She did not get that from her fall, it was impossible. When she fell, her hand was flat to the ground, and her arm was extended, untouched by anything.

So, we were sent home with the understanding that the radiologist would call in the morning, if my daughter had a fracture. No one called me in the morning. I assumed she was alright, just a dislocation, but nothing serious. I called a week later to get another appointment to get a new x-ray because she still could not move her arm. I finally got an appointment almost two weeks to the day after it was broken. The day I was to come in to see the doctor, I got a call with a big apology saying how sorry they were for not calling me back sooner. Seems the x-rays were never looked at by anyone, they were still sitting there in radiology gathering dust, and when our regular pediatrician found them she was very upset. She said I am so sorry Mrs. Roberts, bring her into the fracture clinic right away! it's broken! TWO WEEKS LATER!!  Needless to say the orthopedic surgeon just rolled his eyes when he heard the whole story. Then he said, sorry, but we see a million patients a month here at Kaiser and sometimes people fall through the cracks. Whatever!  She had a full cast from her shoulder to her fingers. She just got the cast off and it is healed completely. I thank God for keeping her from further injury. If she had fallen again on that arm, ( without the cast ) I was told she would probably have a compound fracture & need surgery with pins.

God Bless, S.


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