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Re: Natcell order
October 22, 2002



I tried the Interferon and Ribaviran and had a zero viral load while on it, but it shot back up as soon as I went off of it.

I have just completed the Hoffman LaRouch Pegulated Interferon and Riboviran trial which I was on from last August till this July. Once again I showed a zero viral load for the 48 week trial, but it shot right back up once I went off of it.

It made me so sick that I had to go out on LTD in March. My return to work is not scheduled until 01/02/03, so I will be home to recieve it.

I contracted HCV in 1976 and I am now in the final stages of Stage 3 Chirossis. I am really hoping I have as much luck as you and most of your friends have had with your method.

Thank you so much for giving me a ray of hope and a chance at survival.

Best regards,


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