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October 19, 2002



I'm sorry for the mess I made faxing my records.
I guess when all this is over I will be able to replace my old fax machine.

The 11 pages I faxed basically tell my story. However, today I laughed and cried.
Labor Day weekend I caught a 33 lb white sea bass in Mexico and the fight was a thrilling experience and today I felt like I caught that sea bass again and again.

Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with minerere's disease and thanks to House Ear Institute and herbs I recovered. I never doubted that I would not beat HepC but to reach this level of recovery so soon is amazing. My life has been filled with many tribulations and here God has given me yet another experience to ground me. I know he's wants me to stop blocking my blessing so that I can help others, it's just a matter of when.

Your book inspired me and gave me all the hope that I needed so much that the pages are falling out. It became my Bible, it became my motivation, my drive, and my shield from all the negative talk about HepC. As I continue my journey to recovery, I am forever grateful that God lead you to share your story.

Today, when I got my test results from the Gastro's administrative assistant.
She said, C. you definitely test positive for HepC but your viral is very low.
I asked, how low?
She said, let me finish, the doctor will continue to treat you and when you return for your next visit he will give you medication to keep the virus under control.
I asked again, what's my count?
She said 5.5.
I said 5.5 like 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 5.5 NEXT TO ZERO.
She said yes but you do have hepc .
I told her to tell the Dr that I have Lloyd Wright!.
I'm doing Lloyd Wright's regime; when I come back my load will be zero and to pull my file because I'm down from over a million to 5.5.

She asked me to spell your name.
I did and told her to tell the Dr that it's Mr. Wright in Santa Monica.

My Gastro is Dr. Edward Piken a world known Hep C spokesperson specialized in Hep C. He's affiliated with Torrance Memorial Hospital. Well, I will be your living proof that hep c can die. I would like to know how much longer should I continue with the herbs, Natcel TLM and Natcell next gastro appt is in Dec. which is when I get my last Hep B shot.

I'm thinking of rescheduling my appt for late Nov. What do you think?

I won't keep you any longer but I really would like to talk to you maybe if I'm lucky I'll see you in Hawthorne on the 27th. Are you really going to be there or will there just be a booth with people representing you?

Respectfully love,

You may post my readings and this e-mail but do not use my name B.C. is okay.

Hi B.

I would continue everything you are doing until you test non-detected and then for another 3 months just to be sure. When I tested non-detected on April 10 1997, I stopped because I was broke but I do suggest that people keep doing it just to make sure the Dragon is DEAD!

I will be at the SOS ride on Oct 27 providing free books and hoping for donations!

In good health


I was too scared to try interferon and believe it or not my Dr did not recommend it to me at this time. I'm sitting here with TLM in my mouth now, steaming four artichokes, and zimmering milk thistle tea.

I WILL get to zero. My load dropped 70% without the Natcell Adrenal & TLM so I know I can do it. I started with everything that you mentioned below, plus some and will not stop taking these pills until I know that I'm well. I didn't contact you before because it was a process for me to implement everything especially drinking distilled water but I did it.

I'll do three months maintenance or more if I have to because I don't want to live with this virus. I know that my viral load is dropping. In the last few days, I have been FREELY thinking about SEX. I'm so excited that my harmones are working again and R. is too!!!!! It's been four years of feeling very, very old and out of it. I'm 43 years young but haven't wanted sex in at least three years. Thank you sooooo much for giving me my life back. As one of your clients said, "I'm worth every bit of this."

If you get the Aloe in I'll pick it up. If not, then I'll wait until its available.

with admiration and love,

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