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Re: determined to be hepc free
October 18, 2002


I have one more story to tell you.

One of my brothers employees came to work one day and was very depressed.  My brother asked whats going on? He said my mother is very sick she has Hep c and the hospital wants her to have a liver transplant right away. He said you need to call my sister she has Hep c and she is very knowlegable about the disease.

I spoke with them on the phone told them everything I knew and they needed to see Dr. Lansen right away. They came from California stayed at my house while she saw Dr. Lansen. He put her on A protocol similar to yours but I told them to buy the Natcell Thymus from you because Dr. Larsen defrosts his thymus and cuts it and refreezes it.

15 months later she no longer needs a liver transplant. and she is back to work!!!!!! I couldnt beleive it she was so sick when I saw her.  She says it was an angel who brought her son in my brothers office that day.  It just does my heart so good that I helped someone I am so happy for her.



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