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Re: Suicide
October 17, 2002


Dear Lloyd,

It is always nice to hear from you- Sure you can use my e-mails.

The doctor told me Monday that you get flu-like symptoms, depressed and people have been known to commite suicide on the Interferon treatment, I only talked to him about 5 minutes, because his nurse had already told me everything about the treatment-  I talked to her for about an hour about 2 or 3 months ago. (after my liver biopsy)

She came right out and told me all side-effects, and said that quite a few of her patients have commited suicide. But they have a support group that will start in September having sessions at the hospital. I was crying while she was telling me all about the side effects, she said you seem depressed now, maybe we should start you on anti-depressants before you start the treatment.

I went in the doctors office that day, thinking that they have a cure and I will get well, but after hearing all she had to say I was thinking I don't know if I can tolerate Interferon--- That was on a Friday, I came right home and called to put my name on the waiting list. Thinking I have to get well- I want to live. I could not even talk, think, and all I did was cry all weekend.  Then Sunday nite I was talking to God, and I said to myself there is no-way I could do this treatment. So Monday I called to tell them to take my name off the list, they said they could not do it---and said just wait you have a couple of months to think about it. So- my boyfriend went out and bought me a computer, and I started researching other options and I found you.

You have really saved my life and I could never thank you enough. Because there was no way I could ever do that treatment. I am 53 with no children, but love animals- I spend a lot of time taking care of them, it gives me so much joy. My husband died in 1993 of a massive heart attack, he was only 40--- never smoked our drank--- just a hard worker. I live in Shepherdstown, W.V.  It is nice living in the country--- but yet I am only 50 miles from Washington D.C.  Life is great and I want to stay on God's beautiful green earth for a long time--- because of you, postive thinking and the good Lord I will enjoy life for many more years. When I get my lab work I may need you to help me------ compare the old with the new Because I do not understand all of it.

I will talk to you soon GOD BLESS YOU-------------------

Hi J:

Did I tell you that mood elevators raise the viral load?
Yes, they do every single time, they double and triple it.

I am so surprised that the doctors do not know this as they are prescribing it to people trying to get there viral load down and they are raising it at the same time.

I do hope they wake up some day soon.

Thank you for allowing me to post your message.   Many will benefit from it.
The truth shall set all of us free!

In good health


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