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Re: Gallbladder
October 17, 2002



My son was on interferon/ ribaviron for almost a year 10/98-9/99 and then was on peg interferon/ribaviron 9/00-9/01. He breezed through the year of regular interferon. The peg dose was weight adjusted and he was much sicker. He was put in the hospital due to sudden onset of double vision, dizziness, confusion. Tests were all negative.

He is now 22 and we found out yesterday that he has acute cholecystitis and need to
have his gall bladder removed. Is this related to the interferon???

He has Hep C due to treatment for Hemophilia

C. G.

Hi C.

Acute Cholecystitis can result from bacterial infection or ischemia.

Ref. "Hepatology",
'Textbook of liver Disease'
second edition, Volume 2.
by Zakimv & Boyer.
Page 1522.
(Business Wire)
Jan 22, 2001--Schering-Plough corporation,

Warnings. Alpha interferon's, including PEG-INTRON,
cause or aggravate fatal or life threatening neuropsychiatric, autoimmune, ischemic and infectious disorders.

If you would like me to fax you or mail you copies of the pages please provide me with a fax number or a address.  It is a lengthy discussion of the disease and it would take me hours to type it.

Apparently one could assume that interferon and peg intron can and does cause this condition because Schering-Plough states that there product does cause it.  If I can be of any further assistance please let me know.

In good health


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