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October 15, 2002


Greetings to all:

I have a new product. It is called TLM. This means Thymus, Liver and Mesenchyme.

It is made by Atrium, the same people who make Natcell products.

The Great advantage of TLM is that you get all three in one dose.

You take one 7 ml. bottle per day and in a seven day period that is equal to taking 3 vials of Natcell Thymus, 2 vials of Natcell Liver and one vial of Natcell Mesenchyme.   This is the best possible combination for the treatment of hepatitis c.
The FDA has not evaluated this statement.

Extra, the prime time TV show on NBC shot a segment at my home on October 3, 2002. They were here for a few hours and shot film for at least an hour.

It is my understanding that Pamela Anderson ask them to do this.  Pamela and I will be in the same segment, the theme for this production of Extra is BREAK Through.

This show scheduled for Oct 26
has been changed to November 2 at 7:00 PM Pacific Time.
Check your local listing for time and channel.

This is part of Pamela’s effort to bring awareness of hepatitis C to the American public and the world.  This is an epidemic that is 10 plus times larger in the US than the AIDS virus.  I am so elated that Pamela is doing this. It is the one thing we need most. To educate the people about hepatitis c.

All of us at Hepatitis C Free Support Pamela Anderson and support her crusade. I was told that I should expect about 30 seconds of airtime, just a warning. I do not know what Pamela is going to say, but I am mighty darn glad she is saying something!

We will also be at the SOS RIDE on October 27, 2002. Pamela Anderson will be the GRAND MARSHAL. We will have a booth and be providing books for a small donation.

I will be speaking at the annual Hepatitis Magazine conference in Houston Texas at 8:45 AM November 9, 2002, or I will at least make an attempt at it.

On September 1 Atrium, makers of Natcell products announced a price increase for natcell products.  Unfortunately this is a substantial increase.

I ordered all I could before the increase but do expect the price to rise in the near future.  I lobbied against this and failed. I am very sorry for this but it is out of my hands.  I will do everything I can to keep you supplied for the lowest price possible.

In good health,


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