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Just an FYI....The Right to Petition: Use it or Lose it.
October 14, 2002


Hey Lloyd-
Just an FYI....

[We The People] The Right to Petition: Use it or Lose it.
They Are Ready to Sign!


The Right of Petition:
Use it Now or Lose It Forever.

It's Time to Sign.

Although explicitly required by our Constitution, our government is readying to deploy our forces to wage military battles against, and inside, a foreign nation without a formal Declaration of War.

In hasty response to widespread fear and panic, our elected representatives passed a bill into law, (without reading it), that by its plain language deprives and seizes the unalienable rights of the People.

Our government has relinquished direct control of the monetary system of this nation to a privately owned central bank. A significant portion of that ownership is held by foreign entities.

For decades, the People have been forced, under threat of loss of property and liberty, to endure a system of taxation that is morally repugnant and violates virtually every Constitutionally protected right of the People.

Are these despotic acts of our government to be tolerated by the People?

Let us thank our forefathers for their vision, foresight and innate understanding of the nature of man, political power, and government corruption in recognizing the explicit right of the People to petition their government for redress.

In early November, as the focal point of Freedom Drive 2002, the People will formally submit to our government petitions for redress of grievances concerning several of the most appalling abuses of government power that our nation currently confronts.

Four petitions have been drafted by the We The People Foundation and now await the signatures of the People of this nation.

The petitions cover the War Powers Clauses of the Constitution, the "USA Patriot Act", the Federal Reserve and the federal income tax system.

On November 14, the People will peaceably assemble, en masse, on the Mall in DC and await the responses of our government.

Every adult in this nation has a personal duty and moral responsibility that stems directly from his or her right of citizenship, to repel the tyrannical acts of those that the People have granted explicit, and limited powers to.

The right to Petition is the foundation of Popular Sovereignty and is the direct vehicle for the peaceful, non-violent resolution of matters concerning violations of right, law and limited governance. This right is the procedural mechanism that enables the People to call any branch of the servant government before them.

The following paragraphs were excerpted from Bob Schulz's letter of June, 2002 to IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti explaining why he will not pay income taxes again. These brief citations succinctly describe why the right to petition must be exercised fully by the People, and why the government MUST respond:

"In America, there are only two things that stand between the people and government tyranny -- our Constitution, and our will as a free people to protect and defend it.

In America, the right to petition our government for redress of grievances is the basis of our liberty. Our founders explicitly recognized this right in the first amendment to our constitution -- for they understood that without it, we could not have a servant government whose power is defined and limited by the consent of the people.

In America, the right to petition our government for a redress of grievances is an unalienable right. It derives from our faith in a supreme being - an ultimate moral authority from whom we gain our understanding of equality, justice and the rule of law. Implicit in our first amendment constitutional right to petition our government for a
redress of grievances, is the government's absolute moral and legal obligation to respond honestly and completely to the people's petition.

This is the essential cornerstone of Popular Sovereignty -- a government of the People, by the People and for the People.

In 1791, the right to petition became the primary right of the People of the United States of America, expressed in the First Amendment to the federal Constitution.

Some would now have us believe that our First Amendment right of petition is nothing more than a guarantee of free speech; that this vital constitutional protection - the very basis of our liberty - is simply a right to voice our grievances to the government. Some would try to convince us that We The People do not have the absolute right to an
honest and complete response to our petition -- or the authority to demand that our government correct the abuses and violations of our liberties that caused our petition.

What nonsense! This is dangerous talk to a free people. We will not listen to those who would denigrate our Constitution, and undermine the principles of liberty and justice that gave birth to our nation. At best they are imbeciles, and at worst they are tyrants -- or "sharing bedrooms" with tyrants.

We must steel ourselves to this nonsense. We must harden our hearts to these false notions that government is God. Government has but one legitimate purpose -- to serve and protect all of the people equally.

Government is not God. It is our servant. It is accountable to the People.

The right to Petition for Redress of Grievances is the final protection -- the final, peaceful check and balance in our system of Constitutional government in which the government derives its limited powers from the consent of the sovereign people. This is the right which publicly reveals and reiterates for all, who is Master and who is Servant."

These petitions are about us -- We The People. They are proof of our resolve to correct our government's abusive and unlawful behaviors.

As a nation, who are we -- and who we want to be? Will we tolerate tyranny to be comfortable?

What kind of country do we want to leave to our children and future generations of Americans?

Again, we ask: What does a free People do when confronted with a government that refuses to honor, and systemically schemes to evade, the boundaries and limitations established for it by We The People?

On the afternoon of November 14th, Americans will gather peacefully on the Mall in Washington to await our government's answers. It is critical that every congressional district be fully represented in these petitions. Pass word of these petitions across our land to every person you know. The People must speak.

We stand at the brink of a Constitutionally unauthorized war and the meltdown of a monetary system based on the endless conjuring of debt. To "protect" us from terrorists, our most fundamental rights have been seized and we have been deprived of their protections. To finance it all, the IRS and DOJ use the intimidation and power of the police state to enforce and prosecute offenses of tax "laws" --- yet they continue to
refuse to cite the specific legal authority that purportedly allows them to enforce those laws.

If the government, once again, refuses to respond, and the People fail to act, we will lose forever the chapter in human history when We The People reigned sovereign, and the chains of a written constitution bound our servant government. We have a choice. YOU have a choice.

Join with those that demand that our government obey the Constitution of this Republic.

Sign the petitions. Get to DC.

Click Here
to Sign the Petitions (You may sign any or all of the petitions)

If you represent a recognized rights group and would like to submit a petition regarding another specific right or freedom issue, please contact us. If your request is approved, you may transmit your petition for review and we will post it for electronic signatures, announce the petition publicly and deliver it to the government with the other petitions.

Join Us. Take the Drive to DC. Click Here
to go to the main Freedom Drive information page.

Participants of Freedom Drive are reminded to order their official FD flags, posters, soon !

Click Here
To get the full details of Schulz's October Speaking Schedule
(locations, times, directions, contacts, etc.)

Wednesday Oct. 9 Greensboro, NC
Thursday Oct. 10 Raleigh/Cary NC
Friday Oct. 11 Hampton, VA

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