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good news!!
October 10, 2002


Hello Lloyd!

Just wanted to take a moment and give you the good news!
How does a 60% decrease in my viral load after 3 months
taking herbs and frozen Thymus sound?!

I am very happy with the numbers but most of all I am feeling so good!  I have much more energy and the liver pain that I had since the biopsy are gone too!  I have been meaning to get back with you sooner but I felt so good that I have been out doing things instead of staying home because I felt tired and ill!  I am very interested to see what the next set of tests say at the end of this year after 3 more months of good alternative medicine!

Here are my blood test numbers for the last two rounds.
I will send you copies of the lab reports for your files.

474,000 IU/ml
185,000 IU/ml
ALT 66
ALT 56

I was the person who emailed you 'thanks for the Reishi' (on the message board) a few months back when I started on the Thymus. I feel very blessed to be getting better on a treatment that makes me feel better while I am taking it not worse! I am also glad I waited and did some research before I jumped into anything.

My gastro Dr. really pushed the Rebtrol since I am genotype 3a and under 35 and female so I was supposed to have the best of all chances to clear the virus - 50% chance.  But it still sounded like a lot of suffering for not a big chance of getting better. But I did decide to get the liver biopsy to find out what stage of the disease I was at.  I was relieved to find out that I had no fibrosis or cirrhosis- but I paid for it with a very painful liver for many months afterwards. I regret that part and it made me very cautious of how to proceed with treatment for Hep C.

I was already interested and had used some alternative treatments and nutritional therapies with much success in the past so I felt your program was the way to go!
And now I think it definitely was the right choice! I always keep up on the news on the message board, I find it to be very helpful. Feel free to put this up on the message board as encouragement to others!

Thank you for your help and providing these products to all of us with Hep C!
Keep up the wonderful work!


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