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AST, ALT going down!
November 8, 2002


Yes, thanks Lloyd !

Now am curious what all you do for the maintenance program ?? Thanks again !!

My wife and I both have the nasty little germ, her counts are normal, and mine were AST 450, ALT 250, but I have them down to AST 185, ALT 155 now, using most everything in your book except the frozen Thymus, in just 2 months.

Would you consider 185/155 slightly high, or way high still ?? I basically laughed at the Gastro guy when he wanted to give me the interferon pegintron or whatever it is.

See Ya !

Hi A.P,

AST 185 and ALT 155 are still high.

You need to keep up the program until you get them into the Reference Range.
Also be sure and get a viral load with a specific number.

My maintenance program consisted of some of most everything I did, just not as much and no frozen for a few years as I was broke.

Now I take the frozen items on a regular basis because of a concern about cancer.

In good health


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