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You are an ANGEL
November 3, 2002


Lloyd, you wrote

You can do the Hep A vaccine. I am not going to tell anyone not to. I will tell you and your doctor won't because he does not know, it will double or triple your viral load and it will take 9 months to a year to start to come back down.

Thank you for responding, sorry to hear about the puter virus :-( my God you are such an angel! I always find your words comforting!

My gut feeling regarding the vaccine is to not have it, mainly because my viral load is so low at this time! I just want to be rid of this. I dont eat out much at all, given up all sushi for a while (boo hoo)

I forgot to add in my last e-mail that I have had more energy than I have had in at least 15 years! I am 32 but have felt exausted on a daily basis for the past 15 years, which in turn made me extremly irritable. I truly feel like a new person, especially after adding the mesenchyme, I have such a sense of well being.

I know many start your program and give up after time, but I am determined to beat this, I will do EVERTYTHING you did, even if it means being in debt for the next few years, this is how much peace I feel about youre regimen, I just KNOW it will work.

I will be trying to make it to the conference in Texas next week, I hope to meet you and give you a big hug, I just think so highly about what you are doing.

God Bless you!
A. in FL
(enjoying the cold front that has come in, a bone chilling 80 degrees brrrr)

Hepatitis Magazine conference
in Houston Texas November 9


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