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The vast majority of people do not know of the short falls of the medical community in relation to hepatitis c. They need to know.

Most people diagnosed with hepatitis c only hear what their doctor says and have no idea that there is a much better approach for treating the disease than the one doctors push on them. They need to know.

Triumph Over Hepatitis C tells it like it is. No other book I know of is better at getting across the facts of the lack of treatment and the arrogance of the doctors as well as there complete lack of compassion, understanding and above all else there lack of education regarding hepatitis c. The world needs to know.

Barnes and Noble have been selling my books on the Internet for 3 years.  They have my books in all their where houses but only a few of their stores.

They have agreed to carry Triumph Over Hepatitis C in their stores. They need to see a surge in purchases of the book if it is to remain there.

Therefore in the name of educating the nation about Hepatitis C,
I am making everyone a terrific offer.

For everyone who goes to a Barnes and Noble book seller store and orders, pays for and picks up a copy of Triumph Over Hepatitis C, 2002 Revised Edition, ISBN: 0-9676404-4-X, I will take $80.00 off the suggested retail price of $180.00 on your next purchase of Frozen Natcell Thymus AND send you a free Pound of Milk Thistle Seeds.

This offer is good for one time per person,
on-line purchases DO NOT QUALIFY.

Please mail Proof of purchase to:
Lloyd Wright
P.O. Box 6387
Malibu, CA. 90264

Thank you for your support!

Lloyd Wright


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