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Interesting Info on Spreading of Hep C
November 23, 2002


Hi Lloyd!

There are many Hep C victims out there who have been treated like scum, as though it is their fault that they are sick (health care professionals
assuming they got Hep C through intraveneous drug use, etc.
). This article sheds some light on the fact that sloppy health care practices may be a significant factor in spreading the disease. This would explain all of those Hep C victims who, though never involved in drugs, have no idea where they got it. This is pretty frightening, especially when the "doctors" keep insisting on treating us with "medicine" that doesn't work.

Unfortunately, if the disease is spreading through medical clinics and the
numbers of victims keeps growing, the government is going to have to
support the millions of Hep C patients who won't be able to work. As a result, the health care industry may just be forced to take Hep C more seriously and get off their arrogant behinds and either find a real cure, or start supporting natural programs like yours. AIDS will have to be moved to the back burner....

I found this article while surfing the web, I thought you and your readers
might find it interesting. Here is the link:

K. W.


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