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Good News!
November 2, 2002


Hi Lloyd,

Just thought I would update you on my progress. Recent lab work revealed

ALT 40 ( normal ) was 81
AST 50 (
still a little high but down from 73 )

Everything else normal, I told you previously my viral load ( the only one I have had done ) is 144,000 IU.   I will have my next set of labs done in December.

I was encouraged after these last labs, so have really gotten aggressive and am doing EVERYTHING on your program except the natcell adrenal, I am taking the supplements.

Had a 6 month check up with my gastro 2 weeks ago. He was not impressed at all. said my viral load was not that low, and ALT and AST will fluctuate.

What is your opinion on Biopsies?  I mean I know you had a hellish experience with yours but in general do you think I should have one done?  I mean even if it shows cirrhosis I still will not take the interferon.

Do you think the biopsy is really the only way of knowing how damaged your liver is?
Also do you think the Hep A vaccine is necesarry?  With my viral load so low I dont want to do anything that might raise it!

I am so appreciative of what you are doing Lloyd, when I found out I had this disease I just knew in my heart there was a natural way of treating this, and I am so grateful to have found your website and read your book. I put myself into a panic last week, convinced that I have cirhossis and was dying, I simply logged on to your site and read the testimonials of others, and was so encouraged, it gave me the desire to become aggressive and knock this thing out. My diet is not all that great, I have a problem with sweets and become frustrated when I eat the wrong foods, but hopefully soon I will be able to change that and by December maybe this virus will be gone.

Again thanks for being here!
In Gods Love

A. F.

Hi A.,

I am sorry it has taken me so long to answer your email.
Two of my computers were eaten by viruses and died.

I totally disagree with your doctor when he says that the AST and ALT fluctuate.
They may but very little.

Yours are well on there way down!  Further, your viral load is extremely low!
Doctors just want to sell interferon.

My opinion on biopsies has not changed since I wrote my first book.
Sure, they are suppose to be the best item to acquire the most info.
Most of the same info can be gathered by a ultra sound and a blood test.
If there is something there that needs to be biopsy, it will be seen and then one can proceed.

The fact is, since my first book, I have heard so many horror stories about biopsies that it is difficult to believe and I hear a few a week.  People getting there Diaphragm punctured and spending a month in the hospital recovering, one 37 year old female died at Cedars from having a artery punctured during the biopsy and died in the recovery room. I could go on forever.

I could write a book on the horror stories I am told about liver biopsies.

It is an old procedure and should be replaced.
I think it has something to do with money.

You can do the Hep A vaccine. I am not going to tell anyone not to. I will tell you what your doctor won't because he does not know, it will double or triple your viral load and it will take 9 months to a year to start to come back down.

Thank You for letting me know about your Great progress!!!

In good health

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