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Law Suit Information Needed
November 17, 2002


Dear Lloyd,

I was given your email from a message board.  Boom told me that Shering-Plough was indicted on criminal charges due to their conduct on research of Peg/Intron.  Also, that there is a class action law suit being brought up.

My husband and I most definitely want to be a part of the suit.  Could you please inform me of the law firm involving this case?  I want to talk to them and become involved.  My husband started taking Peg/Intron along with Amantidine which he was involved in a study of about 1000 people that was conducted at Baylor Hopsital in Dallas, TX.  He had some of the best doctors in the nation reviewing his case.  However, it did not help.  He literally went crazy.  He was sent to several psychiatrist and was put on all kinds of meds, but they did not work.  He wasn't crazy it was the interfuron that effected his mind.  He was having delusions and hallucinations.  To name a few, he thought he saw little red flowers dancing on the lawn.  He also saw a horses head on the dashboard of his car on his way home from work.  He became suicidal.  Memory loss, fatique, tremors, insomnia, depression, the list goes on.  He became so out of it he did drugs (crack).  He has finally got off of that after about the last six months from hell of him sneaking out, stealing, etc.  I finally called the police on him because I knew he was a danger to us and himself.  He started Peg/Intron After New Years Eve, at month 3 he tested negative for HepC which was good, but around month 4 or 5 had to be taken off, because all the doctors concurred that the meds where more of a danger to him than the benefits of the med's.

It's now November, almost a year later.  And he is finally starting to feel normal, he still has mild tremors and combatting depression.  Hopefully the job he has now will remain steady.  He was unable to keep a job for months.  Another incident that happened while on meds was that he almost died from blood poisoning from an ingrown hair on his arm.  His resistants was so low that he was in the hospital for over a week with four specialist overseeing him.

Anyway, I would like any information you have. We are all in this together, and I want people to be informed so that hopefully not very many more people will have to suffer the way we did and the way so many are still suffering.

Thank you,


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