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Re: Thank you
November 16, 2002


Dear Lloyd,

Thank you for your book Triumph over Hepatitis C! My husband was diagnosed with it 2 years ago and it has been the worst 2 years anyone should ever have to endure. After a solid year in Interferon HELL we are getting divorced.. We both know that it is a direct result of what the interferon did to him mentally and physically. After reading your book he finally feels like somebody else knows what he's been going through. He is also a carpenter by trade and relates to every single issue in your book. He quit the treatment 6 weeks ago because he couldn't stand the side effects any longer and resolved to die a painful, agonizing death.

Your book has inspired him not give up. We are ordering the products on your suggested list today. He can't wait to begin. Your alternative solution just might help he and I salvage a friendship out of an otherwise horrific experience.

Thanks again,
C. F.

Hi C:

That is quite a story.

In my speech at the hepatitis magazine conference last week in Houston, I said, "if you decide to use interferon, the first thing you need to do is prepare for divorce".

It is true, the stuff should be considered a criminal offense!

What it does to people and the fact that it does not work should be made known around the world and the people behind this should be imprisoned!  Every single person responsible for approving and promoting interferon's for the treatment of hepatitis c should be tried and when convicted should serve life sentences.

There are a few people who become non-detected, 1 who emails me every six months.  She may have become that way on her own, I will never know.

The facts are, if we can not get rid of it we certainly can live with it under control.  I would like to place your story on my message board, with the names, address removed. If it is OK, please let me know. I think it will make people think twice before destroying themselves and the people around them when there is a natural non-destructive way to do this.

In good health


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