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Thank You!
November 13, 2002


Dear Lloyd,

Thank you so much for the free book, Hepatitis C Free. I am the minister of the Church of Christ on Quitman and Center Streets in Gladewater, TX. I have been on and off of different forms of interferon since 1994. I have responded some, but never very well. On the newest form last year, Peg-Intron, my blood work became worse and worse, my blood pressure dropped, and I felt terrible. The doctor took me off of the Intron treatment in May, 2002.

In June my blood test showed me with as AST reading of 366 and an
reading of 409. That was the worst I had seen, and I was praying for God's help along with my congregation. One of our members heard about your free book, Hepatitis C Free, on the radio and ordered me a copy. I was a little sceptical, but realized God may be opening a door of healing for me.! Several people in the congregation stated they would help financially (what a blessing!), so I began your full program the second week of July, 2002. On August 5, 2002, I had my blood drawn at a Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas showing a 59 AST and a 62 ALT reading. WHAT A DIFFERENCE IN ONLY 4 WEEKS! My hardest part is trying to eat right. I don't drink or smoke, and I am working on my eating habits. Please let me know when your diet book comes out.

My family, friends, and members all say they can see color back in my face and see the energy in my eyes. Most of all, I feel much better! Thank you for your diligence, your compassion to share, and your belief in God. I pray you continue to stay close to God through his Word and in your heart.

Philip L.


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