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HELP!!! I am losing my mind!!
May 27, 2002


I am currently reading your book. Just picked it up this afternoon and have read many sections but have not yet completed it.

As I am reading it, a question that I have had for all the years since diagnosis of Hep C keeps popping into my thoughts. With all the contact you have with Hep C sufferers, have you ever experienced anyone who's symptoms include SEVERE ITCHING?

I have been itching for 8 years. An itch which is driving me insane!! I have been to many, many MD's looking for a cause and of course a cure. Not a single doctor has attached it to my Hep C even though I do. I continue to look for additional ways to cleanse my system, my liver, my blood, my lymphatic fluids, and on and on.... I set out today to discover more about water fasts in an effort to detox my system and came across your book.

Can you a) help me attach my itching to my hepatitis, and b) suggest what steps in your program would be most likely to bring me some relief from that symptom?

I am not able to think about anything else when the itching begins, not to mention speak, wear public appropriate clothing, sit still, stop scratching, sleep or even lie down, etc when it is in high form which is sometimes constant, sometimes several hours a day, usually in my legs but can affect all other parts of my body.

I have told my father that this is so insane, it could drive a person to take his/her life.

What has your experience and contact with other hep c sufferers taught you that might help me hang on and more importantly, find relief most quickly? Please help!

Thank you,
S. S.

Hi S

I have several people who complain about severe itching and yes, it is a symptom in about 15 % of hep c suffers. I have not had one as bad as yours.

I do not completely understand the process but as I understand it, there is a connection with bile flow, sunlight and some chemical process.

Go out in the sun, drink lots of herbal aloe, not the real aloe. Take 2 artichoke extract capsules 2 times a day. If the problem gets worse, stop the artichoke extract. It takes the whole leaf aloe to help this severe of a problem. Get more sunlight, everyday at least one hour or more and let me know if this helps.

Every person that I have told this to has had the itching go away.

In good health,


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