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May 26, 2002


I've been on your program now for a month i plan on following it to the T for 6 months and then go back and get all the blood work done to see what the numbers are after 6 months.

Since my last e-mail to you i found out my geno-type and got my viral load.

This is how things looked when i started.

3/20 - AST = 310 , ALT = 592
4/26 - AST = 276 , ALT = 506
VIRAL LOAD = 640,000

Of course the doctor suggest the Peg. treatment but is very supportive of what i'm doing because he say that my state of mind and being positive about my choice of treatment is important.

The liver bi-op showed scaring and the beginning of fibrous. The only problem i have as i mentioned before is some adomanol pain from time to time. I will let you know how things progress and welcome any info you have that may help during my treatment. By the way i'm 44 years old didn't know if there was a age group that hep.c is showing up in more than others and is there a way to tell just how long one has had hep.c ?

Thanks again for the help you and your folks have been in getting me started on the road the being c-free.

T. S.

Hi T. S.,

My average client is 40 to 60 years old. I do have clients from birth to 81 years old. 40s is the largest group. I look foreword to seeing your improvement. Please do not let the doctor ever talk you into interferon. It can be devastating. I think it is almost impossible to determin how long one has had the virus unless there is a target indacator I.E. blood transfusion, operation or hospital visit, tatoo, dental work, drug use etc.

In good health,


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