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May 25, 2002


I praise God for you Lloyd Wright !

I have been on the waiting list for the Interferon TREATMENT for months, when I ran across your Web site. I ordered the book, and can't wait to get started.

Nurse Jack Daniels at Froedert Hospital told me on a scale from 1 to 4, ( I'm a 3 1/2 ) next thing.......... next to cirrhosis. After reading what you went thru I have no comment on how lousey it has been. Anything I could say could not "top" your experiences...... only that you are an Absolute beacon of light to all of us out here. A GIFT from God. I am a 56 yr. old topping the scales at a whopping 160 lbs ( due to lack of energy ) and also I quite smoking which packed 'em on. (I'll worry about that later)

I want to start your protocol ASAP., starting with the frozen NatCell thymus extract and anything else you can suggest for beginners. Do I just order everything you suggested in the book, or is there a protocol you recommend to get started ? Please rush your answer.....I'm anxious to get on the road to recovery.

Love you Lloyd Wright
N. C. Racine, WI

Hi N.C.

I love your email. I would love to post it on my message board.

I suggest doing what I did as people who do have the best results. If you do not have cirrhosis yet, you are going to do well in a short time.

I know the whole program seems overwhelming at first but when you start feeling better and see the difference in your blood work, it all seems easier. The teas are very important. Many people opt to just take the capsules and the people who do both do much better. For example, milk thistle tea has many properties not found in the capsules but silymarian is not water soluble and is minimal in the tea. The same idea is true of the dandelion tea. So, yes, I suggest the whole program. if there is a problem with money, I can suggest a lesser approach. Let me know.

Thank You

Dear Lloyd,

I was thrilled to see your message in my E-mail, and thank-you for your quick response. Yes, by all means you can post this on your message board. Naturally money is always an issue, but money is NOTHING if you don't have your health, and as I see it now every penny is going to a good cause, LIFE, and will be worth it's weight in gold not to have to endure the Interferon tweetment. You.... and others, bore that awful traumatic experience and have saved the rest of us from ravaging our bodies even further.

So, its not the money as much as the Overwhelming part. I have a full-time job too. Can I do all this and work too? If I ordered the whole schabam, is there a package option selection, or do I still have to order each item separately? With the frozen Nat Cell thymus, how much should I order at once ? I presume I can keep it in my freezer. Do you suggest we seek an alternative doctor, as I've seen others talk about, to guide us along our journey, or do most do quite well on their own ? (You've pretty well laid it all out and made it simple for us to follow)

Love Nancy

HI Nancy

I do not have a package. Some experts have suggested that I provide one, but I have found that people who are interested in getting well do as I did and that seems to be the best way to go. Of coarse you can work full time and do this. It becomes second nature as you feel better and when you see the blood test improvements. It is like eating.

Purchase a supplement organizer at your local store or I can send you one. Put your capsules in it and take them to work. The teas are easy, just boil water, pour in the tea and brew, later pour into container, make lots at one time and put in refrigerator. Take it to work and drink instead of something else.

You can use a alternative doctor if you want but most of them are a little whacked. There are many good one's, they are just often hard to find.

When purchasing the Natcell, it is cheaper to buy as much as you can at once because it cost $ 40.00 to ship it whether you get one or 10. If you purchase 10 boxes 1 at a time it would cost $ 400.00 in shipping and if you get 10 at once it cost $ 40.00. You save allot. I hope this answer's your questions, if not; I am here.

In good health,


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