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7 months & 3 weeks
May 24, 2002

Hi Lloyd,

Just a note to keep you up to date with my progress. It's been 7 months and three weeks since I started your program.

I've increased my Natcell intake for the last two months: Thymus everyday, Liver on Tuesday and Friday, Adrenal on Sunday. I've been drinking allot of the Dandelion and Milk Thistle tea's (2 quarts Dandelion, 1.5 quarts Milk Thistle per day). I'm using 10 grams of Vitamin C per day and the liquid Beet C every other day. I use the Natcell spray (8 pumps under my tongue) every night before bed. I'm taking all the supplements. I have a sweating technique that I do every other day to take the load off my Liver. I'm eating a predominantly raw food organic vegetarian diet. I go to the gym three times a week. Also I rest whenever I get tired (my fatigue seems to be subsiding).

I think I might have turned the corner with the disease, I really have been feeling great lately, I can still feel it but at this point I can honestly say that it feels like were getting it under control. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Well that's my report, hope you doing well and thanks again for everything.

Take care,


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