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Educating Your Doctor
May 2, 2002

Hi Lloyd,

I finally received the accurate viral load test results (after 6 months).

The blood was drawn on 3/21/02, my viral load is 7,200,000 IU/ml
(ALT 14, AST 35 and Genotype 1a).

I'm mystified why it would take a trained doctor (that cares about the health of his patient) 6 months to get the basic critical information needed to make complex decisions involved in treating Hepatitis virus

Well at least now I have a base line, I was hoping for lower viral numbers, wish I had the full picture 6 months ago. I'll keep you informed.

Take care,

Bill started my program several months ago and his AST and ALT and other numbers have gotten much better but he always ended up with a range test for the viral load so he never knew what the viral load was when he started.

This is a very common problem facing all of us! We need to start educating the doctors.

I sugest that when you get your next viral load test, call the lab that you are going to first, ask what the doctor needs to write on the perscription to get an exact number instead of a range.

I know that those of you who have had this problem will appreciate knowing that they all will tell you something different but you will then get an excact number instead of a range.


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