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Lloyd's Aloe Vera
May 21, 2002

Dr Heyman,

I read about Lloyd Wright's protocol after seeing his book and website in Hepatitis magazine. I am a 45 year old female who has been through two rounds of interferon - both were unsuccessful with devastating side effects.

I am very interested in Lloyd's products and am trying to encourage the Texas Liver Coalition here in Houston to do a study using the entire list of products used by Lloyd. In the meantime, I am going to try and use a limited amount of the products on myself. (They assured me at the coalition that this would not prevent me from being in a complete study of the products at a later date.)

My financial resources are very limited and Lloyd suggested that I contact you about possibly receiving the Aloe free in order to help interest the Coalition in conducting a study. They are very well funded here in Houston as some member of an oil family has Hepatitis C and has given quite a bit of money to this cause.

I have also tried to make the point that the drug companies have plenty of money to run their own studies so it would be more logical to allocate the Coalition's resources to alternative treatments.

My contact at the Coalition tells me that while he would not be the one to make the decision, the doctor who actually would is quite open minded to alternative treatments. (Evidently, this doctor realizes that interferon has been tried every way possible and for many people it just doesn't work.) He will not be in town until June 5th, so I would like to see how some of the products would work on me in the interim.

I would welcome any thoughts and/or ideas you might have.

S. S.

Hi S.,

I got an email from Lloyd Wright mentioning you were interested in doing a research study of some sort. Call me and/or email me and we can talk about what you may want to do with the Herbal Aloe Force. I don't know what you have in mind in terms of clinical documentation but - lets talk. I have often done 3 month trials with people under various circumstances.

Take Care,
Dr. Jeri L Heyman, PhD
President, Herbal Answers, Inc.
1 888 256 3367

cc Lloyd Wright


I got your e-mail this morning and I want to thank you for your generous offer. I am very hopeful about your products. It will be a little while before I can afford to make an order, but hopefully before the end of the month. How did you ever find out about this nat cell thymus?

By the way, I thought your book was very humorous in parts. You are so lucky and blessed to be cured.

I heard from the Coalition today and they seem pretty interested. I won't know anything until at least June 5th. Wish me luck. Talk about full circle, the Coalition office is where I first received a copy of Hepatitis Magazine, which is where I saw your book and website.

Please stay in touch.
S. S.


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