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Research Study
May 19, 2002


I just finished your book this morning. What do you think of my idea to conduct a study here in Houston using your products?

The Texas Liver Coalition is fairly well funded. They say they need at least 30 people to do a study. (I don't think finding 30 people in Houston with Hep C who are disenchanted with Interferon will be a problem at all).

My argument to them is that the drug companies have plenty of money to run their own studies so why not use the coalition's resources to study alternative therapies? Therapies that make you feel better instead of worse. Supposedly there are some doctors associated with the coalition who are fairly open minded. Hopefully, I can make it happen because my financial resources are already very strained.

Thanks for your help,

Hi S.S.

I think you have some good ideas. If you can make them work I think it will be very good. Doing this is difficult. UCLA expressed an interest in doing this with my program as many of the doctors there have seen there patients get well using my program.

They admit it to me, but still push interferon. I was very willing to help them and then they told me they needed me to supply them with the products for 100 people for 1 year for free.

Well, what to say. I think that is about $ 960,000. I guess I could sell my house but 1 bedroom houses do not bring that much money.



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